The Company

Campaign Storage - invented at Los Alamos National Laboratory - explores a radically new software defined storage (SDS) technology to manage tiers of storage.

It is meant to provide tools for massive parallel data movement between new, low cost, industry standard storage tier and tiers with premium performance or availability. Beyond moving the data, campaign storage offers new approaches to data management policies and archiving, including transparent integration with HSM frameworks and 3rd party policy managers.

Campaign Storage stands out from other solutions by building on industry standard object storage systems many of which are supported.

Unlike archiving solutions, metadata is stored using ZFS technology, for ultimate reliability and flexibility with storage management.

Campaign Storage (the company) has chosen not to proceed with productization of this software, however LANL’s open source development is continuing


About Us


Campaign Storage was founded in 2016 by Peter Braam and Nathan Thompson, two leaders in the storage industry. We operate a small team out of Boulder, CO. The company announced its first product at Super Computing 2016. It has closed a second round of seed funding.


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