Stellar account of Campaign Storage MSST 2017 presentations

Campaign Storage takes a central role within the account of the MSST 2017 conference. Within his review, International Massive Storage Systems & Technology 2017 Recap, Philippe Nicolas remarks that Campaign Storage, covered by an array of talks and presentations given by Peter Braam and Dave Bonnie over the course of four different sessions of the event, can be defined as “a new tier in the hierarchy of storage”.

The article also recounts some of the significant steps that went into the creation and development of this innovative storage model and provides a downloadable copy of Dave Bonnie’s MarFS presentation.

Campaign Storage steals the show at MSST 2017

The 33rd edition of the International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST 2017), to be held in Santa Clara, CA, is approaching fast. Dr. Peter Braam will bring a varied contribution to the event. He will be giving a talk covering Campaign Storage as a Product, with title “Bridging Big - Small, Fast - Slow with Campaign Storage” and will present a short research paper entitled “Campaign Storage” (co-authored with Dave Bonnie). David Bonnie, of Los Alamos National Laboratory will also present the Campaign Storage production environment created at LANL. Finally, Peter will participate in a panel titled “The Limits of Open Source in Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Design”, alongside other experts in the field of data storage.

If you are interested in hearing Peter’s presentations, please see more information about the program on the conference website.

Campaign Storage Steering Group meetings

The interest in Campaign Storage has been growing steadily and we feel it is the right time to discuss our vision with and obtain feedback from experts who have shown interest in Campaign Storage. We are delighted to announce that we have scheduled the first two Campaign Storage Steering Group meetings, a vendor neutral event organized together with LANL. The upcoming meeting will take place on the 16th of May in San Jose, California, and the second event will be held on June 20st in Frankfurt, during the ISC High Performance 2017 event.

For further information about the Steering Group meetings, please feel free to contact us at Everyone is welcome to attend. The first meeting is on May 16 from 17:30-19:30 in the San Jose AC Marriott hotel (snacks and drinks to be served). The second meeting is in the Marriott hotel next to ISC in Frankfurt, June 20, 13:30 - 15:30.

Important note: This is an open technical meeting to which the IETF guidelines for Intellectual Property and the IETF Code of Conduct are applicable.