Campaign Storage steals the show at MSST 2017

The 33rd edition of the International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST 2017), to be held in Santa Clara, CA, is approaching fast. Dr. Peter Braam will bring a varied contribution to the event. He will be giving a talk covering Campaign Storage as a Product, with title “Bridging Big - Small, Fast - Slow with Campaign Storage” and will present a short research paper entitled “Campaign Storage” (co-authored with Dave Bonnie). David Bonnie, of Los Alamos National Laboratory will also present the Campaign Storage production environment created at LANL. Finally, Peter will participate in a panel titled “The Limits of Open Source in Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Design”, alongside other experts in the field of data storage.

If you are interested in hearing Peter’s presentations, please see more information about the program on the conference website.